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The Wrangler™ Chemical Sprayer

Short Description
The Wrangler Chemical Sprayer is a great upgrade from a pump up sprayer. It is a perfect choice for jobs where you need to apply chemical to a large area. It features a 100 psi pump that will maintain a constant flow. The consistent flow will make it easy to apply an even coat of chemical or stain to your work surface.
Product description
  • 12v Pump
  • 1/2'” x 24” PVC Wand
  • JA 8000 trigger gun
  • 75’ Chemical Resistant Hose
  • Shoots about 8 feet
  • Extra wide lid for easy pouring
  • 20 gallon tank
  • Aluminum frame
  • Never Flat Tires
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The Wrangler™ Chemical Sprayer
The Wrangler™ Chemical Sprayer
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