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9 -12 GPM

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  1. Swivel Spray Gun

    Spin your gun, not your wand with this specially constructed Swivel Spray Gun that swivels to give you more cleaning flexibility & convenience while delivering up to 11 GPM performance. Learn More
  2. Stainless Steel Spray Gun

    With long-lasting, corrosion-fighting stainless steel components, this Comet Spray Gun may be the last one you never need to buy! It also boasts up to 10.6 GPM performance @ 5075 PRM. Learn More
  3. MV 2012 Spray Gun

    Looking for a high-performance Spray Gun at a price that won't break the bank? This Comet MV 2012 10.6 GPM, 5075 PSI Spray Gun is the answer. Learn More
  4. Weep Spray Gun

    Ideal for car washes because of its constant weep action to prevent freeze ups, this Comet MV 951 Weep Spray Gun boasts up to 11 GPM @ 5075 PSI. Learn More
  5. Trigger Spray Gun

    Ideal for commercial cleaning & long work time applications, this 12 GPM Trigger Spray Gun was designed and tested for a minimum 150,000 trigger pulls, it provides 2 - 3 times better value than equivalent competitor gun. Learn More
  6. Industrial Trigger Spray Gun

    Ideal for commercial cleaners who need a long-lasting Spray Gun, this 10.4 GPM powerhouse performs with 14% less trigger force required than conventional trigger guns. Learn More
  7. Astra Trigger Spray Gun

    Durable enough for rental duty, but comfortable enough for your own use, the Astra 5000 Trigger Spray Gun with a 1/4" F Outlet has a long life and is easy to repair. This is a continuous duty gun. Learn More
  8. Trigger Spray Gun

    There's a reason the ST-2000 Trigger Spray Gun is one of the most popular Spray Guns in the industry - it's because it's also the strongest made in its class taking heat and abuse. Learn More
  9. ST-2305 Spray Gun

    If you have extreme abuse applications, the ST-2305 is up for the challenge with it's handle constructed of impact resistant plastic. It's comfort technology designed with an easy-pull trigger and comfortable grip. Learn More
  10. Acid Resistant Spray Gun

    Boasting a ceramic ball valve, the Suttner ST-2315 Trigger Spray Gun is highly resistant against nearly all soaps and acids. It also features an easy pull trigger and comfort grip. Learn More
  11. ST-2605 Trigger Spray Gun

    The ST-2605 Trigger Gun's exclusive "relax-action trigger" and comfort grip reduces trigger force up to 20% and holding force up to 60%. Learn More
  12. YG-5000 Spray Gun

    Get a Grip! Featuring a larger, more comfortable hand grip space to more readily accommodate work gloves, this YG-5000 Trigger Spray Gun boasts an improved trigger design for easier pull at high pressure. Learn More

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9 -12 GPM.

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