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  1. Open Spray Gun

    This Aura AP-740 Open Spray Gun that combines 4000 PSI and 7 GPM performance is a great choice when an unloader is unavailable or for manual start pressure washers. Learn More
  2. Spray Gun

    Designed for those on a budget or for supplying multiple users with a value-priced but durable and long-lasting this front-load 2950 PSI Spray Gun boasts 8 GPM performance. Learn More
  3. Spray Gun with Swivel Inlet

    Need an affordable and reliable replacement or performance upgrade from your current Spray Gun? Get it with this 12 GPM Comet Spray Gun that also features up to 5075 PSI performance. Learn More
  4. Spray Gun with Thumb Wheel

    Designed with a unique Thumb Wheel that allows you to adjust pressure from high to low, this Comet Spray Gun is a great choice that also delivers up to 8 GPM @ 3700 PSI performance. Learn More
  5. MV 960 Spray Gun

    Designed for lighter duty and consumer grade pressure washers, this durable and long-lasting this front-load 2600 PSI Spray Gun features 7 GPM performance. Learn More
  6. Legacy MV925 Pressure Washer Trigger Spray Gun 4500PSI, 8GPM

    The Legacy MV925 Trigger Spray Gun has a max pressure rating of 4500PSI, and a max flow rate of 8GPM. Learn More
  7. Trigger Spray Gun

    Need a value-priced Spray Gun with good performance and durability? Look no further than this MTM Hydro 4000 PSI Spray Trigger Gun. Includes a Safety Trigger Lock! Learn More
  8. ST-2700 Trigger Spray Gun

    The all stainless steel internal components of the ST-2700 SS Spray Gun create a durable long lasting trigger gun, especially suitable when using corrosive chemical. Learn More
  9. Straight Trigger Spray Gun

    The ST-601 is ideal for cleaning vertical and overhead surfaces or for use with many compatible Surface Cleaners. It's perfect for washing tractors, trailers, siding, windows, eaves, etc. Learn More
  10. Suttner ST-810 Pressure Washer Trigger Spray Gun 3050 PSI 8 GPM

    Ideal for car wash, fleet wash and truck wash operations, the Suttner ST-810 Trigger Spray Gun boasts a front inlet design that keeps dirty hose just far enough away, keeping the operator clean. Learn More

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5-8 GPM.

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