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Roof Washing 201

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You’ve washed the sidewalks. You’ve washed the windows. You’ve even washed the awnings, what else is there to be washed to generate more revenue? What about the roof?
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Did you know that more than 50% of asphalt shingle roofs have algae, moss or lichen growing on them? Did you know that these organics can reduce the life of a roof by 20%? Algae alone can cause considerable loss to the granules that make up the shingles, causing the shingles to curl and crack and allow water to get to the underlying roof deck. Moss and lichen, through their root system, can raise shingles allowing the wind to tear them off.

Roof Washing 201 is a self-paced on-line course about roof washing. Through the course you will learn:

  • Why Soft Washing is the Proper Technique to Use
  • What You are Cleaning and Why
  • Types of Roofs
  • Proper Chemicals and Mixing Ratios
  • Components of and Types of Soft Wash Systems
  • Site Preparation and Roof Washing Process
  • Clean up
  • Safety

Take Roof Wash 201 today and start adding income to your bottom line tomorrow!

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Roof Washing 201
Roof Washing 201
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