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R-111 Classic Brown Car Wash Detergent

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R-111 Classic Brown works hard so you don't have to! This industrial grade car detergent clings to dirt, grease, and grime on vertical surfaces, leaving your car shiny and bright again. You can use less and save more with this fluffy, free-flowing, highly effective soap. 

Product description

Increase cling time and use less detergent. This fluffy free-flowing detergent will cling to vertical surfaces and route out dirt, grease, and grime. Vehicles will be left with a wax like sheen and a streak free finish. Sold as a powder, so it can be made strong enough for any job. One 50 pound box will make 30 gallons of brush on cleaner.

Mixing:  For “liquid concentrate” dilute 1 pound per gallon of water for a final dilution of 100 to 1. Dilute ¾ pound per gallon for a 70 to 1 final wash dilution.
For systems with direct draw, dilute 1 pound per 50 gallons of water.
For “hand detailing” vehicles, dilute ½ pound per 5 gallons of wash water.
For best results, wash vehicles in a shaded area and do not allow the solution to dry on the vehicle surface. After washing rinse thoroughly.
For basket systems and car washes, place 1 to 2 pounds in the basket.


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R-111 Classic Brown Car Wash Detergent
R-111 Classic Brown Car Wash Detergent
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