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OD-100 Asian Kitchen Degreaser (5 Gallons)

Short Description

The ideal degreaser for cleaning vent hoods in Asian kitchens & restaurants.

Product description

Use Asian Kitchen Grease Fighter to tackle tough gummy grease deposits found on Asian style kitchen exhaust hoods, flues, and filters. Asian Grease Fighter is super concentrated so that you can make it strong enough for any job. One 5 gallon pail can make up to 100 gallons of cleaning solution.


Amount of                    Heavy                    Medium                     Light
Water Used                  Soils                       Soils                          Soils
(approx)                    1-20 dilution            1-50 dilution            1-100 dilution
1 Gallon                       4 ounces                  3 ounces                   2 ounces
3 Gallon                       7 ounces                  5 ounces                   3 ounces
4 Gallon                     13 ounces                10 ounces                   7 ounces


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OD-100 Asian Kitchen Degreaser (5 Gallons)
Asian Kitchen Grease Fighter
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