Pressure Washer Nozzle Selection Chart


The Quick Connect (Q.C.) Flat Nozzle is a high-pressure nozzle with a plastic guard and a male plug that is used with high pressure washers. Typical environments that these flat nozzles are used for include house washing, car washing, truck washing, parking garage cleaning, awning cleaning, water tower cleaning, graffiti removal, roof cleaning, monument restoration, and more.

A V-Jet Nozzle delivers a flat spray characteristic with uniform distribution with rounded edges, giving uniformity of spray overlap in case of multiple nozzle header. Intensity of impact depends upon the pressure, flow rat, spread and distance from the orifice. Typical applications of a V-Jet Nozzle include descaling steel, metal cleaning and processing industrial washing machines, sand, coal, gravel and dish washing. asphalt spraying etc., wherever a flat hard hitting spray pattern is required.

To ensure you choose the proper nozzle size for your application, please use the chart below and follow these steps:

  1. Find Your Nozzle Pressure (PSI) in the yellow shaded area
  2. Find your Gallons Per Minute (GPM) in the blue shaded area
  3. In the blue square that your PSI and GPM intersect, follow it to the far left Nozzle Size green-shaded area
  4. This will be the Nozzle Side you need

For example: If your Nozzle PSI is 2,000 and your GPM Is 3.2, your Nozzle Size would be 4.5

Please Note:  If you do not already have a 1/4" Quick Disconnect Male or Female Coupler, you will need to order one with a Quick-Connect Nozzle.


Nozzle Chart

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