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Kitchen Hood Cleaner Power Pack

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Kitchen Hood Cleaner Power Pack
Kitchen Hood Cleaner Power Pack

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    The Kitchen Hood Cleaner Power Pack includes:

    2 lb of V-502 Green Beast Hood Degraser

    Hood cleaners first choice for removing non-trans fat oil build-up from kitchen exhaust hoods, flues, filters, and other heavily soiled kitchen equipment.


    2 lb of V-501 Trans Fat Hood Degreaser

    Attack trans fat grease deposits on kitchen exhaust hoods, filters, and flues. 


    2 lb of OD-100 Asian Hood Degreaser

    Use Asian Kitchen Grease Fighter to tackle tough gummy grease deposits found on Asian style kitchen exhaust hoods, flues, and filters. 


    1 gal. of SSP-880 Stainless Steel Polish

    Quick Shine Stainless Steel Polish is an oil based polish formulated to remove, water marks, finger prints, and streaking from stainless steel surfaces. Leaves surfaces with a fine sheen.


    16 oz of R-1400 Super Foaming Booster

    A Exclusive! This fantastic surfactant system boosts the cleaning performance of acid or alkaline based cleaning compounds in foamers.

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