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This kit includes:

16 oz Fresh Wash Lemon and 16 oz Fresh Wash Floral

When added to a sodium hypochlorite based cleaning solution Fresh Wash augments cleaning results by:

  • Allowing surface tension to be broken on the cleaning surface
  • Allowing deeper penetration of sodium hypochlorite based cleaning products into stains
  • Allowing bleaching reaction to happen at a lower overall bleach concentration
  • Allowing cleaning products to dwell (hang) longer on horizontal surfaces

It also includes rinsing agents that help fight hard water spotting, and features a masking / cover scent


16 oz Rust Remover Plus

Rust Remover Plus™ is a perfect choice for removing tough rust stains from concrete and exposed aggregate surfaces. Just spray it onto dry concrete with a pump up garden or chemical sprayer and watch the rust and oil stains disappear.


2 lb Clearly Clean XTreme

A crystal clear, heavy duty highly concentrated concrete cleaner designed to be used in sensitive areas where colored chemicals might draw unwanted attention.


16 oz Sap-IT 

Sap-IT is a super concentrated foaming surfactant additive for bleach; designed to increase dwell time and mask the smell of bleach with a fresh cedar scent. Works great with roof cleaning and on vinyl siding.


16 oz PM Bleach Neutralizer

PM Bleach Neutralizer is blended for cleaning your soft wash system. It contains a buffering agent that keeps caustic cleaners from deteriorating surfaces.


16 oz EZ Cling 

  • SUPER CONCENTRATED (½-2 ounces / 10 gallons of mix)
  • Maximizes detergent adhesion 
  • Increases detergent dwell time 
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