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Gutter Zap Super Concentrate (1 Quart)

Short Description

Gutter Zap gutter cleaner is a super concentrated gutter cleaning tool designed to clean streaks off gutters. Wet the rain gutter, spray on Gutter Zap, wipe the dirt off of the gutter! It's that easy!

Product description

Gutter Zap Super Concentrate is the only gutter cleaner that can clean black streaks on rain gutters. Gutter Zap Super Concentrate can be sprayed on with a pump up sprayer or a down stream chemical injector. Rinse the dirt off of the gutter with a garden hose or a pressure washer. If you have extra dirty gutters, you may want to scrub the gutter with the MarXoff Gutter Cleaning Applicator. Gutter Zap will clean gutter quickly and easily and it will not harm vegetation or painted surfaces

One quart of Gutter Zap Super Concentrate makes 1 gallon of concentrated gutter cleaner which yields 3-5 gallons of ready-to-use gutter cleaning detergent.

Mixing:  Do not use Gutter Zap undiluted. Follow the dilution ratios below depending on application:

Gutter Cleaning 5:1                                 
Bathtub 4:1                            
Fiberglass 5:1
Grill Cleaning 1:1                      
Patio Furniture 10:1                
White Wall Tires 1:1
A/C ducts 10:1                      
Aluminum/Vinyl 10:1 


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Gutter Zap Super Concentrate (1 Quart)
Gutter Zap Super Concentrate
Gutter Zap-1
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