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Fresh Wash Lemon Scent (5 Gallons)

Short Description

Augment the cleaning effectiveness of a sodium hypochlorite solution with Fresh Wash Lemon Scent. It offers 4 ways to help increase your cleaning power!

Product description

When added to a sodium hypochlorite based cleaning solution Fresh Wash augments cleaning results by:

  • Allowing surface tension to be broken on the cleaning surface
  • Allowing deeper penetration of sodium hypochlorite based cleaning products into stains
  • Allowing bleaching reaction to happen at a lower overall bleach concentration
  • Allowing cleaning products to dwell (hang) longer on horizontal surfaces

It also includes rinsing agents that help fight hard water spotting, and features a masking / cover scent

Mixing: Measure 1 to 5 ounces per 5 gallons of desired sodium hypochlorite solution. 

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Fresh Wash Lemon Scent (5 Gallons)
Fresh Wash Lemon Scent (5 Gallons)
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  • Fresh Wash
    Fresh Wash is my go to surfactant. Suds well, great covering agent. I had a homeowner ask me if I washed her house with lemons. Won't even bother to try anything else!!
  • Dilution...
    I just ordered fresh wash. I heard its amazing at masking bleach smell and increasing strength. Anyone know how much to add? We mix a 300 gallon tank of a 20:1 sodium hypo mix so how much fresh wash is needed? Any input would help. Thanks in advance.
  • Good product
    We like the clinging effect of this product and how it mask the smell of bleach. Gives the clean smell of when you wash clothes.
  • New found use for Fresh Wash
    Okay, I am going to give the Lemon Fresh Wash a second review because I discovered another thing it helped with.

    I was cleaning a beautiful, but very dirty and black spotted composite deck the other day. I know some use straight 12% bleach on composite decks, but I have seen the long term damage caused to composite decking with the use of straight bleach.

    I like to use something that while it may be bleach based, it will be buffered to prevent the harmful effects of the bleach.

    Anyway, on this deck I was using a commercial composite deck cleaner, but it wasn't getting the job done.

    This cleaner could be diluted, but it said for tough stains it could be used full strength which is what I was doing.

    Still it wasn't getting the results I wanted. I happen to think about the Fresh Wash I had in the trailer and added a few ounces to a gallon of the deck cleaner.

    That seemed to give the deck cleaner just the boost it needed and the deck come clean and the customer was happy.
  • lemon Scent Fresh Wash
    For the past several years I have been adding a lemon scented cleaner that I was getting from a local chemical supply store to my house wash mix in an attempt to cover the smell of bleach. The lemon cleaner I was using worked well and my customers always commented on how nice their homes smelled after I cleaned them.

    So when I was considering giving Fresh Wash a test, I asked Michael if it come in lemon scented. He said it did not at the time, but he would make up a gallon for me to try.

    I have tested it on several homes already and at each the customers have made comments about how nice and fresh their homes smelled.

    So why not stay with the product I have been using? Good question. The house wash mix I have been using, if I had any left over at the end of the day would go bad over night. The Fresh Wash mix does not seem to have that problem.

    Also, I have cut down on the amount of bleach I have been using in my house wash mix significantly.

    The Fresh Wash starts working faster than any thing else I have tried, rinses easily, and I have not noticed any residue left on the windows after rinsing like some powdered cleaners I have tried.

    Speaking of powders cleaners, I did a side by side comparison between the Lemon Fresh Wash and a very popular powdered cherry cleaner and I shot a video of it for a You Tube that you will get to see soon. Anyway, the Lemon Fresh Wash smelled better than the cherry and while the cherry cleaner started cleaning very fast, it seemed to just clean up to a point, but the Fresh Wash cleaned down deeper into the vinyl siding the cherry. I am not sure if the video will show how much better the fresh wash cleaned, but in person, the results were quite remarkable.

    I'm placing my order for two pales of the lemon scented fresh wash as soon as I submit this review.
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