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Fresh Wash Floral Scent (5 Gallons)

Short Description

Augment the cleaning effectiveness of a sodium hypochlorite solution with Fresh Wash. It offers 4 ways to help increase your cleaning power!

Product description

When added to a sodium hypochlorite based cleaning solution Fresh Wash augments cleaning results by:

  • Allowing surface tension to be broken on the cleaning surface
  • Allowing deeper penetration of sodium hypochlorite based cleaning products into stains
  • Allowing bleaching reaction to happen at a lower overall bleach concentration
  • Allowing cleaning products to dwell (hang) longer on horizontal surfaces

It also includes rinsing agents that help fight hard water spotting, and features a masking / cover scent

Mixing: Measure 1 to 5 ounces per 5 gallons of desired sodium hypochlorite solution. 

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Fresh Wash Floral Scent (5 Gallons)
Fresh Wash Floral Scent (5 Gallons)
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  • 5 stars
    Fresh wash is very esay to mix and does a great job of masking the smell of 12% chlorine. It also does a great job of holding to the surface and getting rid of the dirt and alge. I highly recommended this product to any powerwasher who cleans alot of residential homes
  • Fresh Wash works GREAT!
    Your fresh wash product is really changing the way we do house washing AND roof cleaning. We have cut our SH down to almost half of what we was normally using. It also cut the smell of the SH down more then any other product I have tried. Thanks guy for this awesome product!
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