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Concrete Rust Remover Kit

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Soft Frame Chemical Splash Goggles
Chapin 2-Gallon Industrial Cleaner/Degreaser Pump Sprayer
Polypropylene Deck Brush 10"
Rust Remover Plus™ (1 Gallon)
Gauntlet PVC Safety Gloves (Pair)
Short Description
This kit includes everything you will need to remove rust stains from concrete, as well as painted steel, brass, copper, wood and ceramic surfaces.
Product description

If you are adding rust stain removal to your business, then your go-to chemical needs to be Rust Remover Plus™, sold exclusively by  It is an extremely effective chemical designed to remove rust stains.

Rust Remover Plus™:

  • Quickly removes rust and rust stains from painted, steel, brass, copper, wooden and ceramic surfaces
  • Protects surfaces from corrosion and brightens non-ferrous metals
  • Is safe to apply on all kinds of surfaces including aluminum
  • Has a broad application field

This Kit Also Includes:

The process is simple. If there is dirt, grass or other large particles, you should sweep it away before you begin. Then use a pump up chemical sprayer to coat the surface of the concrete with Rust Remover Plus™. When most of the area is covered, use a stiff bristle brush to spread the Rust Remover Plus™ over the surface evenly. Then, stand back and watch the magic happen. The rust will disappear as the Rust Remover Plus™ dries. That’s it!

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Concrete Rust Remover Kit
Concrete Rust Remover Kit
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