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This kit includes:

2 lb of Clearly Clean XTreme 

A crystal clear, heavy duty highly concentrated concrete cleaner designed to be used in sensitive areas where colored chemicals might draw unwanted attention. It has deep penetrating properties to lift out heavy oil, grease, soil, and grime found on concrete surfaces like parking lots, drive ways, sidewalks, steps, walls, dumpster pads, fuel islands and drive-thrus


2 lb of R-202 Orange to Green Concrete Cleaner

This fluorescent orange degreaser changes to a yellow green as powder is diluted with water. This way you know when the concentration is ready for the job at hand. It will penetrate deep into unpainted concrete surfaces to lift out heavy oil, grease, soil, and grime.


16 oz of Rust Remover Plus

Rust Remover Plus™ is a perfect choice for removing tough rust stains from concrete and exposed aggregate surfaces. Just spray it onto dry concrete with a pump up garden or chemical sprayer and watch the rust and oil stains disappear.


16 oz of DNB-1430 Powerhouse Degreaser

DNB is a powerful cleaner formulated to dissolve the toughest dirt, grease, and filth. It is perfect for oil rigs, industrial equipment, and heavy machinery. Use DNB to rinse away years of baked-on grease and grime.


2 lb of OA-50 Oxalic Acid Powder

Remove hard water, scale and rust stains from concrete, tile and grout. Perfect for pools, showers, patios, and sidewalks. Sold as a powder, so you can make it strong enough for any job. 

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