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Clearly Clean Xtreme™ Concrete Cleaner (50 lbs.)

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Clearly Clean Xtreme™ is crystal clear, heavy duty concrete cleaner.

Product description

A crystal clear, heavy duty highly concentrated concrete cleaner designed to be used in sensitive areas where colored chemicals might draw unwanted attention. It has deep penetrating properties to lift out heavy oil, grease, soil, and grime found on concrete surfaces like parking lots, drive ways, sidewalks, steps, walls, dumpster pads, fuel islands and drive-thrus. Suggested mix- use 2(light Mix) to 8 oz(Super Strong Mix) per gallon.One 50 lb box downstreaming 8oz will make up to 100 gallons or more. With use of a Xjet M5 2 oz per gallon up to 300 gallons. Sold as a highly concentrated powder.Mixture can heat up over 100 degrees so it works great with cold water pressure washers.


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Clearly Clean Xtreme™ Concrete Cleaner (50 lbs.)
Clearly Clean Xtreme™ Concrete Cleaner (50 lbs.)
Clearly Clean X-50
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  • Works great with a cold water machine. The oil never had a chance with Clearly Clean Xtreme
    Great product for concrete
  • It better than any other products I've used.
    I've been using this product for just about a year. If your a professional and your not using Clearly Clean Xtreme you should. We use it on all our commercial concrete cleaning.
  • Awesome concrete cleaner
    This stuff did wonders for a grease trap cleaning job I did the other day.
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