I’m calling BS on ‘It’s not personal, It’s just business’.

We’ve all heard it. Maybe we’ve all said it. Sadly many of us may have had it said directly to us. And of course ‘it’ is, ‘it’s not personal, it’s just business’. Well I say BS. It’s a lie.

I say everyone should stop saying it. I say everyone should quit using it as an excuse. Because the fact is, it is personal. Maybe the ‘business’ or specific ‘leader’ doesn’t see it that way, and if they don’t, then they are part of the problem as well.

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Pressure Wash Maintenance

You should always use the engine manufacturer's suggestions as a minimum standard for maintaining your pressure washer. Consult your owner's manual for specific information such as capacity, type, and viscosity. You should Always your oil prior to starting your engine. Check the oil daily, or after every 8 hours or more if recommended by manufacture. Most engine manufactures have a website where you can find this information if you misplaced your owners manual. If you require more information about an engine that is not listed contact the manufacturer of your pressure washer or the distributor from which you purchased the machine.

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Roof Cleaning Market Profitability

To get a feel for the roof cleaning market in your area, just take a drive around your community. In most parts of the country, you will notice ugly black streaks on residential and commercial building roofs. Those are your potential customers! Homeowners, apartment buildings, commercial buildings, property owners, HOAs – all are great potential markets.

Marketed correctly, roof cleaning can be a particularly profitable service. That’s because those ugly black streaks are not only unattractive, they are downright destructive and need to be removed for the health of the roof.

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Why Roof Cleaning Is Important

Did you know those ugly black streaks on roofs are not only eyesores, they are downright destructive? Left untreated, those streaks will literally eat away at shingles until the only remaining option is to replace the roof.

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The PowerWashU Phil Ackland Kitchen Hood Cleaning Boot Camp Had a Big Impacted On One Company’s Bottom Line

John Suggs of Clean Stripe in Howe, Texas, holds many titles, but one he never expected to have is that of disabled veteran. However, sometimes life takes unplanned twists and turns. John’s happened to lead him to pressure washing and a dream of eventually helping other veterans get back on their feet. And PowerWashU’s Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Boot Camp is playing an important role in John’s journey.

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Efficient Use Of Chemicals

In the world of power washing, soft washing and really any kind of cleaning, different types of soap, detergent, and chemicals are required to get the best results in an efficient manner.  But, where do you start?  If you have done any research at all then you probably recognize that there are thousands of cleaning chemicals on the market.  Dig a little deeper and you’ll find all kinds of opinions on those products that can usually lead to even more confusion.  For years most contractors probably didn’t use an exact science to choose the cleaning agent they wanted to use.  Just grab an all-purpose degreaser or perhaps just a regular old dish soap off the shelf at the local hardware or grocery store.  However, there is a ton of studies and research that has gone into making specific chemicals for specific types of cleaning.  

To simplify things for those of us that do not have a chemistry background and just want to get our chemicals and go clean, I suggest starting with a reputable supplier that you have or can develop a good relationship with.  A good supplier should be able to provide you the input, suggestions, and right chemicals for the job.  Not only that, but be able to walk you through how to most effectively use the chemical once you receive it.  It is very important before you quote a job that has stains you are unfamiliar with, to have a resource to discuss options and know how to get the best results for your potential customer.  

On top of that you will want to know how much you will have to spend on getting a product that will work and get those results.  That is very important information so you can charge that customer an appropriate amount. For example, you go to a customer’s house and tell them you will clean the house and driveway.  However, there are rust stains all along the driveway.  It is important for your customer to know that removing those rust stains will cost extra to remove.  And to remove those stains you will need a special chemical to get them off.  Rust can be very easy to remove with the right product, but be very frustrating if you do not attack it properly.  

That is just one example, you have probably experienced or will experience hundreds of other situations that require something special to get it clean.  Is the stain organic, inorganic, is it grease, or even tannin from the leave or acorns?  Do you know how to recognize these things?  If not take some pictures both up close and far off.  Share those with your chemical supplier and let them help. Is it on wood, painted surface, vinyl siding, concrete, or something else? Do tests spots, depending on what type of surface the stain is on can make a difference too.  These are also very aspects to look at.  My point is there is not a one bullet approach to stains.  A do it all cleaner is not typically going to do it all.  

I would never want to insult anyone’s intelligence and I know some reading have much more experience than others.  I recognize there are tricks and workarounds that have worked for some of us for years.  You can study chemistry and learn different types of stains, and I absolutely encourage you to do that to better hone your craft.  But for many, no matter the level of experience the right chemical supplier, the knowledge and service you receive is invaluable.  When you are out making money and washing, in my opinion my time is valuable so using the quality resources available makes more sense, even if it cost money.  

If we at can help you, please do not hesitate to reach out, we work very hard for our clients.  You will find we have a wide selection of chemicals, detergents and soaps for just about anything you are cleaning.  But, we want to help make sure you get the proper choice for your job.  

Start a Restaurant Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Business

Restaurant kitchen exhaust cleaning is an excellent pressure washing business that offers regular income with a relatively low entry cost. Kitchen exhaust cleaning can keep you working throughout the winter, even if you live in colder climates. The National Fire Protection Association writes the standards that all commercial cooking operations must follow. All commercial kitchens must be inspected on a regular basis, and “If upon inspection, the exhaust system is found to be contaminated with deposits from grease-laden vapors, the contaminated portions of the exhaust system shall be cleaned by a properly trained, qualified, and certified person(s) acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction.”(NFPA 96 Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations, ©2017)

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Get Clear Results With Clearly Clean Xtreme!

Dealing with a concrete area covered in grime and grease can be quite the task. Sometimes it may even seem like you are just moving the grime and grease around with no results! I recently spoke with Josh Minx of Southern Clean in Kansas City, MO, who is a loyal customer and an industry professional that has had the (dis)pleasure of cleaning concrete for several years. Josh says, “Clearly Clean Xtreme and Texas Red are my go to chemicals for all concrete cleaning”. Both Clearly Clean Xtreme and Texas Red have the ability to dissolve tough dirt, grease, and filth. Josh mostly uses a 12 volt pump to spray down a mix of four ounces per gallon of Clearly Clean Xtreme, and then allows the chemical to dwell an average of ten minutes on the specific spot. Results may vary based on thickness of the grime, so it is always good to test treat a small area first. For downstreaming, Josh uses eight to ten ounces per gallon, but he prefers using an X-Jet of four to eight ounce per gallon mix. Josh also uses a hot water machine with a surface cleaner afterwards for best results. Additionally, Clearly Clean Xtreme can also be used with a cold water machine or a pump up sprayer using four ounces per gallon, and can warm the surface to help with the cleaning process. Clearly Clean Xtreme is available in a two pound sample size and a fifty pound box.

“I have used multiple products over the years from everywhere, but have not found anything that works as well as Clearly Clean Xtreme on concrete. Whether it is engine oil or restaurant grease, it does not let my crew down!” – Josh Minx

Simple Search Engine Optimization!

ClydeEdit2Your website is one of the most important sales tools you have. A few changes can make a big difference in your business. Search engine optimization can get very technical, but there are some simple things you can do to improve your ranking.

If you are interested in search engine optimization, start by searching for your site. Go to Bing and Google, and type in power washing service. Both search engines will present a list of local businesses, usually accompanied by a map. Take some time to register your business with Google and Bing. Fill out your profile completely. Mention all your services in your description, and make sure your business name is descriptive. If you call yourself “Jim’s Cleaning” you may want to call yourself “Jim’s Power Wash Cleaning” online. Think about what words people will use to find you, and sprinkle them into your content. Relevance is a big factor is search engine optimization. If you can match a search term, you are more likely to rank near the top.

The second big factor in local listings is location. Duh. Be sure to put your physical address, not a PO Box. This will help search engines pinpoint your location and show your business to people searching in your area. Search engines list businesses that are closest to a searcher’s physical location higher. If they are not sure exactly where you are, you will not rank as well.

Positive customer reviews are also taken into consideration. Work to get as many positive online reviews as you can. This will not only help your search engine optimization, but may also help your click through rate. Social influence will help your potential customers build trust with you.

Now let’s look at your website. Does it look professional? Does it look modern? You don’t need to have the latest greatest fancy pants site on the web, but it should NOT look like something your teenage son made for you in 1995. Your goal should be to get your visitors to fill out your contact form. They are much less likely to contact you if you look like you went out of business 20 years ago. You don’t need to be a web designer to make a website anymore. It helps, but there are services like that can make the process easy for anyone.

When you design your site, consider page load times. Photos, graphics, and JavaScript’s can make your pages load slower. Addressing all of those things is too technical for this article, but you can test your site speed using a free tool from Pingdom. Put in your site address, and press “Start Test”. You will get a grade for your site speed along with a list of some suggestions for improvement.  This is a good way to see if you need to hire a web designer to help you improve your site.

If it looks good and it loads fast, let’s look at the content. Look at the little tab at the top of the page. This is where you can find your page title. If it is too long to fit on the tab, hold your mouse over it and it will probably show the full title. Every page on your site should have a unique, descriptive title. If the tab on you home page just says, “Home Page” or “Index” you should update it immediately. A better title would be “Your Company Name-Your City Name” So, “Jim’s Power Washing-Dallas, Texas” The title is what people will see in search results.

If all your titles are descriptive and unique, check your page content to make sure that it matches the title. As I mentioned above, relevance is a major part of search engine optimization. If the page title says, “Roof Cleaning” the content should be focused on roof cleaning. If the first thing on the page is about house washing, and roof cleaning is only a small blurb at the bottom, you should change the title.

Photo titles and alt tags should also be considered. Search engines use automated programs called crawlers to periodically review your site. These robots can’t see your photos. Instead, they rely on titles and alt text. Titles are visible tags like captions. Alt tags are not usually visible to visitors unless the photo doesn’t load properly or they are using screen reading technology. Place photos next to related content to help search engines identify their purpose. Alt tags and titles should include keywords that relate to the main idea of your page. Photos are a good way to keep your content fresh. Place them throughout your site and update them regularly.

Remember that your search rankings will not change immediately. It can sometimes take weeks or even months before you will see improvements.  Focus on creating a useful resource for people searching for your services. Make an attractive site that encourages them to contact you. Then provide the best service possible so that you get positive reviews and repeat visitors to your site.
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