Chapter 2: Where are all the good candidates?


Finding employees can seem like a really daunting task. There are so many avenues to try and find candidates, how do you know where to look? And when you do start having interested applicants, how do you know if they’re right for your team?


Before you start sorting resumes and scheduling interviews, here is some advice from Michael Hinderliter. Over his 30 year career employing people in the power wash industry, he has tried many different ways to recruit employees. But he usually finds the most success when he returns to the basics.


  • Place an ad on online recruiting sites
  • Offer employee referral bonuses
  • Carry business cards and ALWAYS be on the lookout


Place an Ad Online


Take advantage of social media, job listing services, and even Craigslist to get the word out there that you are hiring. Spread your net wide because you are trying to catch A LOT of fish so you can find the RIGHT one.


Try These Online Services

  • Craigslist
  • Your own social media
  • FB Groups relevant to your business
  • Job listing sites (Ex: Monster, Indeed etc.)


An important factor in catching the “right” one is to be completely honest about what the job entails in your ad. This will help you automatically filter out people who aren’t right for the kind of work you do, if you are honest up front. While you may be worried it will scare off potential employees, this may actually be a good thing! With some job descriptions, what some candidates consider a negative, others may consider a huge bonus. For example, in Hinderliters case, letting candidates know that the work involved for his company is primarily independent work and outdoors is really appealing to certain people who appreciate that kind of work.

Tips For A  Better Job Posting

  • Have an attractive job title
  • Use an emotive introduction and tell your company story
  • Sell the position!
  • Use bullet points for long lists and complicated information
  • Use a call-to-action at the end to encourage them to hit ‘Apply’
  • Remember to write it like an advertisement and not a textbook


Offer an Employee Referral Bonuses


One of the best ways to find talent is to network with your own team. You have a strong group of talented, motivated people right next to you. Utilize their network and grow together!  Employees who are highly invested and motivated within your company will generally not give a bad recommendation and risk their professional reputation. Make sure and compensate them for valuable hires either fiscally, with time off, or other rewards.


Ideas for Compensation

  • Cash bonus
  • Extra time off
  • Gift cards
  • Special recognition at company events
  • Personalized gift


Carry Business Cards


Did you get great service somewhere?

Did somebody really impress you with their knowledge or other skills?


“Whenever you find someone who you think would be a good fit,” Hinderliter says, “give them a business card and let them know, ‘We're hiring!’ Maybe they won't think of you at that moment because they're content, but things are always changing.”


Always Have These Elements on Your Business Card

  • Name and basic contact info (phone number, email, address etc)
  • A short description or graphic that describes what you and your business does
  • A website or text service that they can use to find more information.


Even if they are not looking for new employment right now you could be planting a seed in their mind and they will remember you when they are looking for work.

The Take-Away


Good employees ARE out there! A little hard work at the beginning will pay dividends as your company grows.


Remember, utilize online services and the existing network within your organization. Don’t forget to compensate employees for bringing in the right people! Lastly, always carry your business cards with you and keep your eye out for the right people regardless of what industry they are currently in.


Up next in our four part series, “Training Once, Training Twice…”, advice on how to train your new-found employees for long term success!


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