What does it take to become an expert?

By some, I’m considered an expert in rust stain removal. What did it take for me to become such?

It started in August 2000. When I was trying to get rust stains off canvas awnings in Omaha, Nebraska. My awning cleaner didn’t touch those ugly rust stains.

What to do? I knew I could be a hero if only I could clean those off.

I started asking questions of other contract cleaners. Finally, a carpet cleaner told me how he removed rust stains from carpets. I immediately went to a carpet cleaner supplier and bought 16 oz of their rust stain remover. They charged me $20 for those 16 oz.

I went to those rust stained awnings and applied a few drops of this precious fluid. I followed the instructions on the bottle and within 10 minutes I knew I could fix rust stained awnings!

A few years later, I was cleaning rust stained awnings and noticed a big rust stain on their house coming down the bricks and onto the sidewalk. I thought, could my miracle product work on that. I applied a few drops on the bricks and concrete and it worked!

I showed my customer the results and she said, “No one has been able to remove those rust stains. What would you charge me?” I quickly said, “$180!” “Please do it!” And I did!

(Homeowners are proud of their homes and are embarrassed if they aren’t looking great!)

$180 for 15 minutes of work! Unbelievable!

My new career in rust stain removal began!

Since then, I’ve removed thousands and thousands of rust stains and made a small fortune.

Rust Remover Plus is a big part of my success. I carry several 16 oz container of RR+ to give free demos and it pays off! Seeing is believing!

My largest rust stain removal job was $10,000 and I only used 5 gallons of RR+!

This week, $3,500 for a few hours of rust stain removal!

My average invoice for rust stain removal is over $900!

I’m continuing testing and refining my skills and techniques.

Here are photos of my most recent tests.

Have a wonderful day,

Wayne “Rusty” Shockey
(King of Rust Stain Removal)


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