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Electric VS Gas Pressure Washer

Man spraying power washer with text "Electric vs Gas Powered Washer

       Purchasing a new pressure washer is no easy task. There are so many options to consider and the cost can be a challenge. You want to make sure you are making the right decision and choosing the right pressure washer for your business needs. The good news is that with a little research, you will be able to find the pressure washer that fits the unique wants and needs of your businesses.

         The two main options when purchasing a pressure washer are electric or gas powered. Neither is necessarily better than the other, and which one is right for you depends on a variety of factors. On the one hand, electric pressure washers can be used indoors, but gas pressure washers can pack more punch! We’ll explore the differences and options available for both electric and gas powered washers and help you make an educated decision.

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Marketing Basics for Power Wash Companies Part 2

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 This is part two in the blog series “Marketing Basics for Power Wash Companies.” Find part one here.

 You’ve done your SWOT Analysis and figured out your USP. You’ve researched and identified your target customer and made Customer Personas. Now it’s time for the fun part, planning your marketing strategy and implementing your plan!

 Begin by addressing what kind of market you are going after, is it commercial or residential? These different markets will have very different marketing strategies.

 If you are planning on servicing businesses, Micheal Hinderliter, the internationally recognized “Dean of Power Wash,” says, “On the commercial side, a lot of times cold calling works well or finding and joining business groups that are for specific industries. Those are good ways to go after them. Generally, cold calling is one of the best tactics.”

 On the other hand, if you are planning to service primarily residential accounts, one good option is the traditional every door direct mail method or mass mailers. Don’t be afraid to be creative when reaching out to a residential customer though and using some offbeat tactics!

 Hinderliter says, “I've even heard of guys driving through neighborhoods and throwing Frisbees in people’s front yards.” Of course, make sure all your contact information is correctly printed on a Frisbee or any other material you use to market.

 Once you have your type of market established, combine that information with your customer persona. If you did thorough research you will find that marketing to a specific, ideal customer is a lot easier then marketing to “everyone.”

 Begin planning your marketing activities to meet your target customers where they are. Get a FREE media planning template to help you stay organized as you manage your marketing here.

Preview of the Media Planning Template

 Identify the social media platform they are using (Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter...etc.), place online ads on websites they visit, tailor your email campaigns to include graphics that resemble them, and subtly pivot your writing to appeal to them. Get a FREE social media planning template here to help with this task.

Preview of Social Media Planner Template

 Pew Research Center is a great resource to help with planning which social media platform will give you the greatest return on investment. Read their report here.

 Most importantly, regardless of the type of customer you are trying to reach, having a strong, consistent online presence will do wonders to help potential customers find your business.

 Hinderliter says, “You need to have a presence online because I have found that before you even get the first call, customers are researching you and it's more likely that they've made a decision before they ever picked up the phone to call.”

 The final stage is implementation. Begin running ads on Facebook or Google, sending mailers, or scheduling social media posts. The most important thing you can remember here is to be patient, consistent, and don’t give up! Rome wasn’t built in a day and your business won’t be either (we wish!).

 Finally, remember to track and measure your campaigns and be flexible enough to pivot and redirect resources away from a tactic that isn’t bringing the expected returns into a tactic that is. For example, maybe your social media campaigns are doing great but your printed ad in a newspaper isn’t generating enough leads. Learn from this, stop using the newspaper (or change the ad) and start directing your time and energy into the places where your voice is heard! You are an expert at power washing but marketing is a skill, and like all new skills, it takes time and practice to get it right.

 Hinderliter says, “I think the stress of running a business can be very daunting, and I would encourage you to just stay calm, stay focused on your goals, and to give it time. Don't give up so easily.” That’s great advice for anyone starting a business.

How to Adjust a Pressure Trapping Unloader

After installing a new pressure trapping unloader it will be necessary to adjust the unloading pressure. The way to begin the adjustment process is to install a pressure gauge at the pump before the unloader for greater accuracy. Once the gauge is installed start the engine without a nozzle in the gun and establish a flow of water through the system thus flushing any foreign materials from the lines. Once you have done this you should install a new spray tip that is properly sized to give you the desired pressure for the gallons per minute that your washer is designed to run, preferably a fan tip. With the new tip installed squeeze the trigger on the gun and monitor the pressure reading on the gauge.

The object of this process is to adjust the unloader until the gauge indicates the pressure that your machine is designed to run while the trigger is depressed and when you release the trigger the needle on the gauge should momentarily raise to a maximum of 300-500 psi above your operating pressure. If as you are adjusting the pressure the needle ceases to rise before the machine reaches the desired pressure you should stop the adjusting process and determine why. You should always know the GPM and Pressure that your machine is designed to run prior to doing any work on it. Use a Nozzle Selection Chart to determine the best nozzle for your purposes or contact a pressure washer repair facility for that information.

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