Chapter 4: Keep Them Once You Have Them

Once you find, hire, and train a new employee your work isn’t over quite yet. It is important that you retain that person. You can do so by implementing a dynamic, ongoing process.


The key lies in maintaining a strong, supportive company culture.


  • Keep the lines of communication open.
  • Share successes and failures with your employees.
  • Call out employees who are doing a good job.
  • Make sure you are always available to listen.
  • Make your core values known and demonstrate them.


According to industry expert Michael Hinderliter, “If you've got a good culture where employees can feel secure, so they're comfortable working there, if you have a lot of transparency in your organization, and if you have good core values in place so they feel like they're doing something that is for a good reason, employees are more likely to stay with you.”


A strong, supportive company culture can be one of the hardest things for your organization to define, but it also can become its most valuable asset. It looks different in every company and can look different from year to year.  


Start by defining your core values. These are the values that you measure success for both the individual and the company as a whole by. They are not hard quantitative metrics but rather qualitative measures.


Hinderliter says, “If you don't understand and you don't really stand behind your core values no one's going to ... they're just going to be a piece of paper on the wall and it doesn't mean anything.”

For example, at our core values are

  • Growth Oriented
  • Results Driven
  • Character
  • Safety Minded
  • Environmental Stewardship


Once you have your core values in place you need to live them! Lead by example and make sure that employees at all levels of the organization are held accountable. This includes yourself!


There are no cut and dry formulas for creating or enforcing core values. They exist in a grey area where each situation is completely different, but that’s a good thing! This means you have the opportunity to create the core values that are right for you and your organization.


Remember, most importantly, you are asking your employees to build your dream with you. Make sure you are giving them the tools, knowledge, and motivation to do the job right and see it all the way through!


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