The Importance of Training and Continuous Education

Power washer training & pressure washing classes

We all have our passions and loves in life and for those of you reading this, I believe it is safe to assume that your passion is all things power washing! Some of you may have been born a natural power washer, meaning, you were introduced to the industry by a family member or a friend. Despite this, we are firm believers in “knowledge is power” and with that, knowledge acquired through proper training can prevent you from potential injury, cut unnecessary costs, and increase overall customer satisfaction.

In 2014, an estimated 6,057 people were sent to the ER due to pressure washer related injuries and from those, 14% of those ER visits lead to additional hospitalization (Consumer Product Safety Commission). We have a personal mission to lower this rate and we feel a responsibility to educate those in this industry.

Workplace injuries are often the result of poor or inadequate training. Do you have a training program implemented at your company that all your employees must complete? Are there tests to ensure that they have mastered the material? If you answered “no” to either of these questions, we are here for you. Inconsistent training leads to inefficiency and inaccuracy.  


PowerWash University provides all the necessary knowledge and tools that national standards enforce to prevent injuries and other hazards. Our online training courses introduce the basics of power washing. We also offer hands-on boot camps where students can practice using equipment on real job sites. Learning and education is a lifelong process, we as individuals learn daily. So, why shouldn’t you continue to further your training and grow your knowledge base? PowerWash University offers a variety of courses that cover new subjects and go deeper into the basics.


Education is one of the best investments you can make in your business. Acquiring knowledge can set your business apart from your competition: you will instantly stand out. Your employees will be more confident on the job and will be able to help answer customer questions more accurately.  


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