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  • I’m calling BS on ‘It’s not personal, It’s just business’.

    We’ve all heard it. Maybe we’ve all said it. Sadly many of us may have had it said directly to us. And of course ‘it’ is, ‘it’s not personal, it’s just business’. Well I say BS. It’s a lie.
  • Learn How to Protect Plants and Shrubs when Soft Washing

    Bleach is used in the roof washing process to kill moss, algae, and lichen with low pressure. When the bleach used to kill organic matter on the roof runs off onto the landscaping, it can also kill the plants and trees. Fortunately, there are some simple things you can do to protect plants and shrubs when soft washing.
  • Pressure Wash Maintenance

    You should always use the engine manufacturer's suggestions as a minimum standard for maintaining your pressure washer. Consult your owner's manual for specific information such as capacity, type, and viscosity. You should Always your oil prior to starting your engine. Check the oil daily, or after every 8 hours or more if recommended by manufacture. Most engine manufactures have a website where you can find this information if you misplaced your owners manual.If you require more information about an engine that is not listed contact the manufacturer of your pressure washer or the distributor from which you purchased the machine.
  • Roof Cleaning Market Profitability

    To get a feel for the roof cleaning market in your area, just take a drive around your community. In most parts of the country, you will notice ugly black streaks on residential and commercial building roofs. Those are your potential customers! Homeowners, apartment buildings, commercial buildings, property owners, HOAs – all are great potential markets.
  • Why Roof Cleaning Is Important

    Did you know those ugly black streaks on roofs are not only eyesores, they are downright destructive? Left untreated, those streaks will literally eat away at shingles until the only remaining option is to replace the roof.
  • The PowerWashU Phil Ackland Kitchen Hood Cleaning Boot Camp Had a Big Impacted On One Company’s Bottom Line

    Pastor. Husband. Father. Entrepreneur. John Suggs of Clean Stripe in Howe, Texas, holds many titles, but one he never expected to have is that of disabled veteran. However, sometimes life takes unplanned twists and turns. John’s happened to lead him to pressure washing and a dream of eventually helping other veterans get back on their feet. And PowerWashU’s Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Boot Camp is playing an important role in John’s journey.
  • Efficient Use Of Chemicals

    In the world of power washing, soft washing and really any kind of cleaning, different types of soap, detergent, and chemicals are required to get the best results in an efficient manner. But, where do you start? If you have done any research at all then you probably recognize that there are thousands of cleaning chemicals on the market.
  • Start a Restaurant Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Business

    Restaurant kitchen exhaust cleaning is an excellent pressure washing business that offers regular income with a relatively low entry cost. Kitchen exhaust cleaning can keep you working throughout the winter, even if you live in colder climates.
  • Get Clear Results With Clearly Clean Xtreme!

    Dealing with a concrete area covered in grime and grease can be quite the task. Sometimes it may even seem like you are just moving the grime and grease around with no results!
  • Simple Search Engine Optimization!

    Your website is one of the most important sales tools you have. A few changes can make a big difference in your business. Search engine optimization can get very technical, but there are some simple things you can do to improve your ranking.

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