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Apple Blossom Roof Cleaner Enhancer (1 Gallon)

Short Description

Apple Blossom is a surfactant additive for sodum hypochlorite roof mix solutions. It has a red dye that helps mark where the cleaner has been applied. This reduces the risk of overspray. 

  • Marking dye to reduce overspray
  • Maximize detergent adhesion
  • Great Foaming action
  • Slow drying 
  • Penetrate deeper
  • Use less sodium hypochlorite per mix
  • For roofs 2-3 oz per 5 gallons .For siding Mix 1-2 oz per 5 gallon , for a stronger mix of sodium hypochlorite mix 3 oz per 5 gallon


More Information

More Information
Brand Delux
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