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DELUX® Apple Blossom House & Roof Surfactant

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Short Description

Apple Blossom is a house and roof surfactant additive for sodium hypochlorite mix solutions. It contains a red dye that helps mark where the cleaner has already been applied. Thus, reducing the risk of overspray and eliminating chemical waste all while saving you time and money. Its pleasant apple scent will not only cover the odor of bleach, it will also impress your customers!



Apple Blossom Roof and House Wash by Delux features a number of key benefits Including:

  • Marking dye to reduce overspray
  • Maximizing detergent adhesion
  • Pleasant apple cover scent
  • Great foaming action
  • Slow drying 
  • Deeper surface penetration


Instructions: Use less sodium hypochlorite per mix For roofs 2-3 oz per 5 gallons. For siding Mix 1-2 oz per 5 gallon, for a stronger mix of sodium hypochlorite mix 3 oz per 5 gallon

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