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    Regular Price: $289.97

    Special Price $270.00

    The 18" Hammerhead Surface Cleaner is the perfect budget-priced but durable cleaner for any type of contractor work. It cleans flat surfaces in a fraction of the time a hose would take. Learn More
  2. Trigger Spray Gun
    Ideal for commercial cleaning & long work time applications, this 12 GPM Trigger Spray Gun was designed and tested for a minimum 150,000 trigger pulls, it provides 2 - 3 times better value than equivalent competitor gun. Learn More
  3. M5DS Twist Downstream Nozzle
    The M5DS TWIST can be used for long range 0 degree stream to a wide 60 degree fan pattern and everything in between with just a TWIST. Learn More
  4. Gutter Cleaning Applicator
    The MarXoff Gutter Cleaning Applicator is the new and affordable way to clean stained gutters without having to climb up and down a ladder, while standing safely on the ground. Learn More
  5. PM Bleach Neutralizer

    Regular Price: $79.00

    Special Price $68.00

    PM Bleach Neutralizer is blended for cleaning your soft wash system. It contains a buffering agent that keeps caustic cleaners from deteriorating surfaces. Learn More
  6. W-200 Spray Wax (5 Gallons)

    Regular Price: $60.00

    Special Price $49.97

    W-200 Spray Wax is designed to give a bright, wax shine for all automotive paints, exterior plastic and rubber trim. Learn More

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6 Item(s)

This Month Only!. Find all the machines and parts that are on sale on here!

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