KEW Hobby 1000 High Pressure Washer
KEW Hobby 1000 High Pressure Washer
for the Homeowner

Last Update: January 6, 1998

KEW's Hobby 1000 gives you 20 times the pressure of a garden hose while using 70% less water. Excellent High Pressure Washer for the Home Owner to wash the following with:

Standard Accessories:

The Hobby 1000 is a compact and sturdy high pressure washer with a pressure of 1,020 PSI and a maximum volume of 2.5 gallons per minute (gpm). The Hobby 1000 comes with the following standard accessories and features:

Specifications--Hobby 1000

2 Year Limited Warranty

List Price: $538.00

Cash Price: $225.00 FOB Fort Worth, Texas

To Order call: 800-433-2113

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