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Tips for Professional Pressure Washers

  • Stay The Course

    For Tempa Sherrill, founder and CEO of Stay The Course, a Fort Worth, Texas-based 501(c)3 organization that provides whole-life care, equipping and counseling for veterans and first responders and their families, the lack of resources available to help them led her to take action. Stay The Course's mission is "to serve veterans, first responders and families who have sacrificed for our country. We provide guidance, wellness and healing from invisible wounds."
  • What to do if Your Pressure Washer has no pressure!

    A sudden pressure drop can be alarming when you depend on your pressure washer to put food on your table. Don’t panic! It may be something that can be corrected quickly.
  • Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner Facts to Know

    A pressure washer surface cleaner is a must have accessory for anyone who cleans concrete. They can speed up your work and smooth out the final product. Edit snippet
  • Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning School

    Are you wondering what to do all winter? Kitchen exhaust cleaning is a pressure washing service that is required all year long. It can be done with equipment that you may already own, and you can become certified in just 5 days. All restaurants in the United States and Canada are required by law to have their kitchen exhaust systems cleaned on a regular schedule. Grease buildup inside of a commercial kitchen exhaust system must be removed to prevent fires. Restaurant owners and managers understand that kitchen hood cleaning is government mandated and enforced by local fire inspectors as well as the insurance companies.
  • What is your favorite trigger gun?

    Your pressure washer gun may seem like a basic piece of equipment, but there is more to spray guns than you may think. Flow rate, temperature rating and pressure rating are just the start. You may also want to consider ergonomics, chemical resistance, and gun type.
  • Burner Nozzle

    The heater portion of a hot water pressure washer requires more maintenance than any other part of the machine. Pressure washer burner maintenance extends past the components that make up your burner assembly. In order for your burner to operate at peak efficiency, your engine, battery, pump, and unloader must be functioning properly.
  • Start Soft Washing

    Soft washing is a cleaning process that uses chemical resistant pumps to apply sodium hypochlorite at low pressure to clean organic stains. Soft washing is the best method for removing moss, lichen, algae, mold, and mildew for soft surfaces such as rooftops, siding, stucco, and dryvit. Pressure washers can damage soft surfaces and void their warranties.
  • Read this before you buy your next pressure washer.

    A pressure washer is a major investment; it is the backbone of your operation. Certain specifications make some machines better suited for various jobs, but that’s not what this article is about. This article is a list of the features that make your pressure washer easier to use, more durable, and easier to maintain. Some people call them the “bells and whistles”.
  • Get Rid of Fertilizer Stains on Concrete with Rust Remover Plus™

    It usually happens when a homeowner forgets to sweep the driveway after they fertilized the lawn. They call in a panic because their driveways is covered in brown spots. Now you must figure out a way to get rid of fertilizer stains on concrete. Fertilizer stains on concrete are caused by rust. Strong acid blends like Rust Remover Plus™ are needed.
  • Understanding pH Levels in Common Cleaners

    A basic understanding of the pH levels of the chemicals you are mixing is needed to determine the strength of a solution.

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