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  • Simple Ways To Improve Your Ranking!

    ClydeEdit2Your website is one of the most important sales tools you have. A few changes can make a big difference in your business. Search engine optimization can get very technical, but there are some simple things you can do to improve your ranking.

    Start by searching for your site. Go to Bing and Google, and type in power washing service. Both search engines will present a list of local businesses, usually accompanied by a map. Take some time to register your business with Google and Bing. Fill out your profile completely. Mention all your services in your description, and make sure your business name is descriptive. If you call yourself “Jim’s Cleaning” you may want to call yourself “Jim’s Power Wash Cleaning” online. Think about what words people will use to find you, and sprinkle them into your content. Relevance is a big factor is search ranking. If you can match a search term, you are more likely to rank near the top.

    The second big factor in local listings is location. Duh. Be sure to put your physical address, not a PO Box. This will help search engines pinpoint your location and show your business to people searching in your area. Search engines list businesses that are closest to a searcher’s physical location higher. If they are not sure exactly where you are, you will not rank as well.

    Positive customer reviews are also taken into consideration. Work to get as many positive reviews as you can. This will not only help your ranking, but may also help your click through rate. Social influence will help your potential customers build trust with you.

    Now let’s look at your website. Does it look professional? Does it look modern? You don’t need to have the latest greatest fancy pants site on the web, but it should NOT look like something your teenage son made for you in 1995. Your goal should be to get your visitors to fill out your contact form. They are much less likely to contact you if you look like you went out of business 20 years ago. You don’t need to be a web designer to make a website anymore. It helps, but there are services like that can make the process easy for anyone.

    When you design your site, consider page load times. Photos, graphics, and JavaScript’s can make your pages load slower. Adjusting all of those things is too technical for this article, but you can test your site speed using a free tool from Pingdom. Put in your site address, and press “Start Test”. You will get a grade for your site speed along with a list of some suggestions for improvement.  This is a good way to see if you need to hire a web designer to help you improve your site.

    If it looks good and it loads fast, let’s look at the content. Look at the little tab at the top of the page. This is where you can find your page title. If it is too long to fit on the tab, hold your mouse over it and it will probably show the full title. Every page on your site should have a unique, descriptive title. If the tab on you home page just says, “Home Page” or “Index” you should update it immediately. A better title would be “Your Company Name-Your City Name” So, “Jim’s Power Washing-Dallas, Texas” The title is what people will see in search results.

    If all your titles are descriptive and unique, check your page content to make sure that it matches the title. As I mentioned above, relevance is a major part of search rank. If the page title says, “Roof Cleaning” the content should be focused on roof cleaning. If the first thing on the page is about house washing, and roof cleaning is only a small blurb at the bottom, you should change the title.

    Photo titles and alt tags should also be considered. Search engines use automated programs called crawlers to periodically review your site. These robots can’t see your photos. Instead, they rely on titles and alt text. Titles are visible tags like captions. Alt tags are not usually visible to visitors unless the photo doesn’t load properly or they are using screen reading technology. Place photos next to related content to help search engines identify their purpose. Alt tags and titles should include keywords that relate to the main idea of your page. Photos are a good way to keep your content fresh. Place them throughout your site and update them regularly.

    Remember that your search rankings will not change immediately. It can sometimes take weeks or even months before you will see improvements.  Focus on creating a useful resource for people searching for your services. Make an attractive site that encourages them to contact you. Then provide the best service possible so that you get positive reviews and repeat visitors to your site.

  • Rust Removal Made Easy!

    Have you been asked by a client, “Can you remove rust stains?” What is your answer in those cases? Are you confident your technique and chemical choice is effective enough to make a noticeable difference?
  • Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning For Winter Business

    As winter approaches for much of the country power washing contractors tend to slow down and in some places shut down all together.
  • Stealing Photos Online is a Crime

    Photos, graphics, logos, text and any other content on your site is intellectual property protected by copyright and/or trademark. Stealing Photos is a crime.
  • Find an Insurance Agent for Your Power Washing Business

    As an entrepreneur, you’re naturally driven and focused. You’re an expert in your business, but there are times when it makes more sense to delegate. You don't need to make insurance decisions on your own or pick a generic policy that doesn't fit your business. There are enormous benefits to partnering with an independent insurance agency that can maximize your protection and get you the right coverage for your business at the right price.
  • What Is Wrong With My Charging System?

    CodyWe have had some conversations recently regarding battery powered electronic systems used in this industry. Soft washing pumps and some electric start pressure washers rely on the correct amount of voltage and amperage to operate correctly. I would like to share some of my basic electronic knowledge to assist in trouble shooting.  You may run into an issue with a component that could just have of the simplest of things to resolve.

    When checking 12 volt electronic equipment, I recommend using a voltage meter as oppose to a test light. A test light is a good tool to have to see if power is coming in but it will not tell you exactly how much. A volt meter can help truly determine if you’re getting the right amount of power to the component that is tested.

    When attempting to troubleshoot an issue like this I usually ask the following questions. Did you replace anything? What happened before it stopped working? What changed?

    So I will give a few examples:

    You have a battery that is fully charged but the unit will not power on. Check a few things in this scenario. Starting from the battery to the switch.
    Here are some helpful troubleshooting tips to get started.

    • Corroded Terminals- One of the most overlooked simple problem is a corroded or loose terminal. If your former shiny new terminal looks green, its needs to be cleaned. Use an aerosol spray terminal cleaner and a wire brush. Check the wires at the terminal for corrosion too. In some cases, corroded wire may have to be replaced if it’s too bad.
    • Check your ground- if the ground wire is loose this will cause many problems especially with charging properly. If the ground wire connects to the frame check the terminal and ground screw for continuity with a volt meter.
    • Loose or damaged wires- So, if you able to move the wire and hold the wire in a certain spot then it works but not when it sits normal ,then something is wrong. The wire may not be connected properly, burnt, or even cut in some cases.
    • Burnt Fuses- If your system has a fuse, easily check the fuse for a broken connection inside the fuse. Replace the fuse and see if it pops. If it continues to pop there may be a short from the ground or an electronic component that is malfunctioning.
    • Battery and Charging System-Verify the battery has the specifications required to power the system properly. A battery can be tested for 12 volts easily with a volt meter or test light. But it can be difficult to test the amount of amps the battery is pushing out. Diaphragm pumps require 30 amps out of the battery to work properly. When under 30 amps this may cause the relay to malfunction and need to be replaced. Since battery chargers do not normally come with batteries its best to match up battery charger with the battery. My personal preference is a 10/2 amp with an analog meter that can give you a visual of where your charge is at. Digital Chargers are good but some of them only offer led lights that show charged, or charging.  If your charging system is part of your pressure washer, then check the voltage coming off of the system and check for loose belts.
    • Check your switch- look for corrosion, or a damaged switch. Are the terminals connecting to the wires? In some cases the switch just needs to be replaced.

    There are many similar connection scenarios that can be resolved by just checking a few simple things. But sometimes the situation may require a little harder and sometimes frustrating troubleshooting. Reviewing a diagram or schematic for a detailed map of what goes where is very helpful. I will touch base on this more in the next coming articles.

    Have a great week and Wash on

  • The Importance Of Before And After Pictures

    When you are advertising your pressure washing business, it is helpful to provide proof of your quality. Potential customers may want to see your work, or if they did not think to research, it is a good way to gain customers by showing them your before and after work.
  • Take Back Your Inbox

    You may have seen this scam in your inbox. It goes something like this. “Hello, I will like to know if you do power wash in Dallas and do you except credit card for payment” I have always wondered what this was about, so I texted them back.
  • Guide For Power Wash Insurance

    As a mobile cleaning contractor, this knowledge is essential to protect yourself from financial disaster. If you are like most people, your company, is next to your family, your pride and joy. It is also the major source of financial security for you and your family; perhaps your greatest asset. In many ways, your business is your life and someday your retirement.
  • Is Water Really That Important?

    I pulled the trigger of a power washer at the early age of twelve, in 1978, when my dad let me ride along with him one weekend to do fleet washing. It was the coolest thing to be out with my dad and experience the force and awesome blasting power of that pressure washer. To this day, I still love to pull the trigger and witness the sheer force of watching water blast dirt, grime and other pollutants off dirty surfaces to reveal a shiny clean surface below. And the cool thing is there are so many different items that can be cleaned with a power washer. The list is long but some of the more common items are houses, roofs, gutters, big rigs, construction equipment, farm equipment, kitchen exhaust systems, vehicles, buildings, boats, sidewalks, drive thrus, dumpster areas, loading docks, etc. All these items can be rewarding and fun to wash but there is one thing that must be present to power wash and that’s water.

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