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Tips for Professional Pressure Washers

  • The Importance Of Before And After Pictures

    When you are advertising your pressure washing business, it is helpful to provide proof of your quality. Potential customers may want to see your work, or if they did not think to research, it is a good way to gain customers by showing them your before and after work.
  • Take Back Your Inbox

    You may have seen this scam in your inbox. It goes something like this. “Hello, I will like to know if you do power wash in Dallas and do you except credit card for payment” I have always wondered what this was about, so I texted them back.
  • Guide For Power Wash Insurance

    As a mobile cleaning contractor, this knowledge is essential to protect yourself from financial disaster. If you are like most people, your company, is next to your family, your pride and joy. It is also the major source of financial security for you and your family; perhaps your greatest asset. In many ways, your business is your life and someday your retirement.
  • Is Water Really That Important?

    I pulled the trigger of a power washer at the early age of twelve, in 1978, when my dad let me ride along with him one weekend to do fleet washing. It was the coolest thing to be out with my dad and experience the force and awesome blasting power of that pressure washer. To this day, I still love to pull the trigger and witness the sheer force of watching water blast dirt, grime and other pollutants off dirty surfaces to reveal a shiny clean surface below. And the cool thing is there are so many different items that can be cleaned with a power washer. The list is long but some of the more common items are houses, roofs, gutters, big rigs, construction equipment, farm equipment, kitchen exhaust systems, vehicles, buildings, boats, sidewalks, drive thrus, dumpster areas, loading docks, etc. All these items can be rewarding and fun to wash but there is one thing that must be present to power wash and that’s water.
  • Do You Use IFTTT?

    IFTT stands for “If This Then That.” It is a free web service that is connected to all kinds of websites and devices. You can use it to automate tasks and work faster. For example, you could use it to automatically turn your lights on when you get close to your office. IFTT is easy to program and super handy. Here a
  • How To Get The Best Performance From Your Diaphragm Pump

    “Why do I keep burning through these 12 volt electric diaphragm pumps?” I hear this question quite often. So let’s talk about how to get the best performance out of electric diaphragm pumps. These pumps are an efficient tool for applying soft wash mix to a roof. The most trouble I have witnessed begins from the initial setup. A homemade setup or even a professionally built soft wash machine can have issues from just the smallest details.
  • Friends Don't Let Friends Work For Free!

    “If you give me a free house wash, I will be sure to tell all my friends about you, and you will get loads of experience!” I am not a pressure washer, but I heard this offer frequently when I was a budding photographer. I did a few jobs for free in the beginning. The clients were usually a pain in the rear, but I desperately hoped that all that experience would eventually lead to a paying gig. Before long, I realized that my bills were piling up while I was working for free.
  • Bleach Smells.. LIKE MONEY!

    Bleach. Yes, the most common word this time of year. But it has many names and many misunderstandings. SH, Sodium Hypochlorite, Liquid Chlorine, Laundry Bleach, etc. This chemical is used in many ways in the pressure washing industry to make some serious cash. Contractors are using bleach for treating mold and algae from houses, roofs, gutters, driveways, and large concrete areas. Sometimes even accidentally reducing the maple tree population.
  • What Pressure Washer Should I Buy?

    A question I am asked, maybe more than any other is “what pressure washer do I buy to run a power washing business”. To me it is somewhat of a loaded question because I could probably talk for hours on the possibilities, therefore the short answer is always “well it depends”. There are far too many variables to have a straight answer to this question. That said, I believe with conviction that the answer is never a consumer or prosumer model that is most often found in the big box stores.
  • Upstream Injectors Save Time and Use Less Soap

    Often applying soaps at high pressure is the most effective way to clean a surface. However, most pressure washers are not equipped to apply soap with upstream injectors. This reduces the cleaning effectiveness and requires the use of higher amounts of soaps or stronger, more aggressive soaps.

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